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Family Holiday Singapore Tour

Singapore Tour Singapore Attraction & Tourism 2017 Singapore, one of the perfect tourist attractions, is situated in the southeast part of Asia paket tour Singapura 3 hari 2 malam . There are many Singapore attractions that gather tourists from all across the world. Unlike a typical Asian country, Singapore has had a strong British influence.

Singapore Tour is a dynamic city which is rich in history and colour and diverse in its culture, cuisines, art and architecture. The Singaporeans basically are the descendants of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Sri Lankan immigrants. It is a perfect blend of the East and the West.

Places which you must visit - The Sentosa Resort has a casino and a Universal Studio Theme Park. It is famous for its historical monuments, games and beaches. - The Marina Bay is the centre of business activity and is famous for its landmarks. - The shopaholics must visit the Orchard Street. - One of the prominent Singapore attractions is the Chinatown. It is a testi…

Ayo Liburan Ke Farm House

Farm House Susu Lembang Bandung
Farm House terletak di Jalan Raya Lembang, dengan konsep perkebunan dan peternakan yang didesain dengan latar belakang ala Eropa. Tersedia beberapa fasilitas mulai dari tempat penjualan oleh-oleh dan suvenir, kafe indoor maupun outdoor, hingga bar. Selain itu, terdapat pula kebun buah dan sayur, tempat parkir, toilet untuk anak-anak, toilet untuk orang dewasa dan toilet untuk lansia atau disabilitas.

Di sini ada banyak sekali pemandangan unik dan menarik, mulai dari tanaman kaktus, air terjun, pepohonan dan satwa-satwa unik. Dan pemandangan pertama yang dapat Anda lihat ketika memasuki area wisata ini adalah tempat penyimpanan susu sapi yang berukuran besar. Tak hanya itu saja, Anda juga akan menemui berbagai hal yang menarik, air terjun buatan, jalan asri yang kanan kirinya dibatasi dinding yang tampak seperti akar pepohonan, tempat duduk kayu yang artistik dan masih banyak lagi tempat menarik di sana.

Farmhouse Lembang menyajikan miniatur peman…

Keindahan Lombok Nusa Tenggara Barat Indonesia

Wisata Lombok
One place that you may not have heard of is Lombok Island.
It is an undiscovered island paradise in Indonesia paket tour lombokwhich may be the answer to your dreams.What type of vacation are you looking for? Do you want to simply relax and do nothing? Or perhaps you want a vacation filled with plenty of activities that have intriguing sights and sounds.
Or maybe you want to have an exotic adventure filled with nightlife and shopping. Any one of these and many others can be attained at Lombok Island.This island is located east of Bali and is the owner of magnificent white sand beaches, a tropical climate and friendly people.

Mount Rinjani National Park is also located here which has the third largest volcano in Indonesia with a measurement of 3726 meters. The best time to plan your trip is from the months of May to October. The peak season during the months of July and August so you will want to plan your trip early and make sure you have reservations!There are many act…

10 Things to Do in Bali Enjoy Your Vacation

If you can look past the many tourists Paket Wisata Bali Murah especially during the peak season and enjoy instead the many attractions dotted around specifically catered for tourists, you might just wisata cirebon fall in love with Bali. You might want to read a little about the customs, food, and way of life in this tropical island.  The island has incredible human diversity. Balinese dance and music are also justly famous and a major attraction for visitors to the island. Far flung outer regions that once seemed the other end of the world, today are just a hop, skip and plane ride away. At the other end of the scale, Bali is home to number of truly world-class fine-dining restaurants. Play golf in Bali and stay at a world-class resort or private villa! Once visited you are compelled to come back and even want to stay forever. Lombok and Gilis are also good option for you to check out as opposed to Indonesia.

It is also interesting to find out the various practices of the locals and…